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Technology Advancements Disrupt the Recruitment Industry

In the modern business world, the proverbial saying “adapt or die” has become a fact of life. Through the constant introduction of rapidly changing technology, established business processes are seemingly disrupted on a daily basis.

One sector that has seen some of the highest rates of this disruption is recruiting. In today’s connected world, systems that were once closed looped are now wide open and the game has been forever changed both for employers and job seekers. These developments have forged exciting new frontiers in talent acquisition. Unfortunately, they have also opened up a pandora’s box of new challenges for corporate recruiting.

To hire the best people amidst all of these changes, you need to be armed with the right tools and processes. For our September Bootcamp, Newton co-founder, Joel Passen, will explain how you can leverage new HR technology and recruiting strategies to become an engaged employer and connect with the modern job seeker.

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Thursday, September 29th at 10 am PST / 1 pm EST.



Newton Bootcamp to Offer Practical Guidance for Creating Scalable, Repeatable Recruiting Processes

Currently, there is so much noise in the recruiting space about what you should be doing, it can be hard to know what to believe. Luckily, our co-founder Joel Passen is here to dispel some of that mystery. Having consulted with hundreds of small and medium-size businesses, Joel has garnered extensive experience helping organizations realize their talent goals. For this month’s Bootcamp, Joel will tap into the knowledge he has gained from these experiences to offer practical advice for creating scalable, repeatable talent acquisition processes.


How We Got Here: The Evolution of the Talent Operations

To kick-off the Bootcamp, Joel will offer a comprehensive overview of the evolution of talent operations. From rolodexes and manual processes to modern applicant tracking software and beyond, few in the industry have such a deep understanding of recruitment’s transformation over time and where it is headed in the future.

Connected Candidates

After examining how we got to “now” in recruiting, Joel will observe the profile of a modern job seeker – the connected candidate. The connected candidate is a product of several technological advancements in talent acquisition, including the democratization of job networks, the proliferation of wireless internet through smartphones and tablets, and the shifting of the job market to tilt in the candidate’s favor.

Engaged Employers

Once you understand the profile of a connected candidate, Joel will outline what it takes to appeal to these individuals – being an engaged employer. Under current circumstances, the job seeker holds all the power. With this heightened competition, previously overlooked factors such as candidate experience, employer brand, and mobile optimized recruiting now play a significant role in your ability to attract and close top talent.

A large part of being an engaged employer means utilizing the right tools and technology. Hear from Joel on the importance of having lightweight, cloud-based HR technology with powerful features that empower you to WOW your candidates throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle.

Navigate the Intersection of Talent & HR Technology with Newton’s Bootcamp

No business function that impacts your organization’s bottom line has changed faster than recruiting. As leaders, we are quick to offer sound bites about the importance of acquiring top talent. But do you have a grasp on just how much technology has disrupted talent acquisition and how far behind the curve many of our organizations have fallen?

Join Joel Passen, industry leader and recovering recruiter, for a lively journey through the evolution of modern recruiting. Learn the behaviors of the new generation of connected candidates. Explore what it takes to be an engaging employer. Get a glimpse of the future of talent. Armed with fresh perspectives, you’ll undoubtedly return to the office asking, “are we doing this right?”

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Thursday, September 29th at 10 am PST / 1:00pm EST.


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