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Join us at University of San Francisco’s Career Fair September 20th

Calling all University of San Francisco Dons! Newton is hiring in San Francisco and we’d love to meet you. Why now? Our Director of Sales, Cale Quasha, a proud USF alumnus, is looking to build his team with the best and brightest in San Francisco. The skills and experiences that he acquired during his time on the Hilltop have brought him back to USF in search of students / alumni to complement the Newton sales org. Come meet us at the USF fall career fair on September 20th!

Now hiring Sales Development Representatives in San Francisco to join Cale’s team. To apply, visit our career site.

Q & A with Cale

We sat down with Cale to learn about his journey from undergrad to finding Newton and what he’s looking for in the next generation of Newton’s sales DNA.



What factors motivated your decision to attend USF?

In life, I follow two mantras: “Seek purpose greater than yourself” and “Live life without restriction” because our imagination will always try to put false limitations on what we are capable of achieving. Growing up in the Bay Area, I was aware of USF’s community-centric mission and the people I knew who graduated from there had a curious thirst for life, which I had an admiration and respect for.

What were the biggest lessons that you learned during your time at USF?

All who attend USF are taught to believe in themselves – so much so – that we believe we can change the world. At times, this requires carrying a heavy burden but I learned that carrying this burden is ok. It’s not about categorizing outcomes as a failure or a success per se. Rather, it’s about the people that you choose to engage throughout the journey and the relationships that you develop. That’s where our real impact and legacy lives. Professors such as Tarrzaro, Lorton, Morriss, Roehl, Hudson, and many others taught me to believe that I can literally change the world from wherever I’m standing, one opportunity at a time.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in sales?

I’ve always been unapologetically motivated by the thrill of competition. Money is a way of keeping score in sales which I was comfortable with. I also tend to be very social, interested in people and observing why they do what they do. I saw the level of personal engagement and interaction that salespeople have with their customers or prospects and it seemed like the easiest way to avoid the monotony of being chained to a desk. Essentially, sales is going to meet with people outside company walls, creating a relationship with the person where they are comfortable sharing real concerns that are affecting their livelihood, craft a strategy to help them turn that problem into a strength. What other business unit gets that kind of exposure to both customers and internal resources?

Why did you join Newton?

Skyhigh Network’s 2015 report selected Newton as the 3rd fastest cloud-based app in 2015.  Newton is a 50-person group with a colossal output. I had done a few tours of duty in HR tech, but mostly on the enterprise side of the market. When I met with Joel and he put the industry in context, I saw the opportunity we have to change the way people find their ideal job and the way companies find great people in the small and medium market segments. As the conversation developed and I met more of the team, I saw the company’s biggest strength, its people.

What are the ideal characteristics that you look for in future sales hires?

Curious. Competitive. Coachable. We want to hire people who achieve success without alienating others.

What career advice would you give current or former USF students?

Capitalize on the great opportunity that your education and network has given you. Remember where your inspiration comes from and take that the with you. Nurture the relationships that you developed and work to mature and deepen them. People will never buy what or how you do something, but they will always buy why you do it.


Thank you, Cale!

Newton is continuing to grow and hire in 2016. View our career page to see our open opportunities in San Francisco.



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