In Our Latest Bootcamp, We Share Our Recipe for Hiring a Successful Recruiter

Yesterday, our Co-Founder, Joel Passen, was joined by special guest, Industrial Psychologist and Management Consultant, Dr. Gary Kustis, to host our July Bootcamp, How to Hire a Successful Recruiter. Throughout the session, the duo drew upon decades of industry experience to outline a systematic selection methodology for choosing those “catalyst” recruiters that can single-handedly drive success at your organization.

Missed out on our session or want a recap of the topics discussed? We’ve got you covered! Stream our video recording of the Bootcamp above to catch up on these invaluable insights.

Topics Covered in our How to Hire a Successful Recruiter Bootcamp

  • The “New Normal” – Recruiting is now at the forefront of organizational strategy but few organizations actually have a recruitment strategy in place
  • Lessons learned from decades of success and failure building recruitment teams
  • The Recruiter Trait Trifecta: Focus, Confidence, and Resourcefulness
  • Interview questions and techniques that enable you to effectively screen for the 3 key traits of a corporate recruiter
  • Developing behavioral assessments to evaluate recruiting candidates
  • Perfecting the Process – How to develop a scalable and effective recruiter selection program

Additional How to Hire a Successful Recruiter Resources

If you want further guidance on hiring a successful recruiter, you can download our How to Hire a Successful Recruiter eBook. If you would also like the How to Hire a Successful Recruiter eGuide, which includes a list of our top interview questions, trait analysis and more, please click the button below.

How to Hire a Recruiter

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