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May’s HR and Recruiting Hiring Trends

Every day, millions of blogs are written and articles published. Literally. You can visit this site to see a real-time tracker, we recommend taking a glance. It’s well over 2 million by 12 pm. They range from every topic that you can imagine, but it also makes it hard to absorb the mass amounts of information that is available. Every month we gather the top HR and recruiting articles that we recommend reading, in case you missed them. Below are the top 4 articles that we enjoyed for this month’s May Hiring Trends Roundup.

  • Why HR is becoming a numbers game

    This is the year when human resources goes digital, so HR executives must overcome any lingering “data phobia” Written by The Economist Intelligence Unit. Read here.

  • Numbers (and the magic of measuring the right thing)

    What you measure usually gets paid attention to, and what you pay attention to, usually gets better. Seth Godin drops practical knowledge about reporting.

  • SHRM Survey Results: Using Social Media for Talent Acquisition—Recruitment & Screening

    This report focuses on recruitment and screening of job candidates. It also looks at trends over time and compares years of data. Get the research.

  • Close 95% of Job Offers

    VIDEO: The method and steps to follow to close 95% of your job offers, honed in over 15 years of recruiting. Watch this free online bootcamp for #recruitertested #candidateapproved methods of boosting your job offer acceptance rates.

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