Know Your ABCs – Always Be Closing Top Job Candidates

Closing a top candidate doesn’t just take a killer offer, it takes weeks of work on your end. You must follow the proper interview stages to ensure that you are establishing a good relationship with the candidate and building up their buy-in. Once you have completed the first step of the interview process, the “candidate intake,” and you understand the key factors influencing the decision process of your candidate, it’s time to begin the pre-close.

With the Pre-Close, You Won’t Even Need to “Close” the Candidate at the End

If you think closing a candidate happens only at the end of the recruiting process, your closing percentage is likely pretty dismal. In Glenngarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin preaches on the importance of the ABCs in sales- “Always Be Closing.” Similarly, in a recruiting context, you must always be closing top job candidates. The best closers continue to collect data, confirm its accuracy and sell it back to the candidate. This is called pre-closing a candidate. The pre-close has the biggest impact on offer acceptance rates. If you pre-close a candidate properly there will be no question whether they will take the offer or not at the end of the process. In fact, when pre-closing is done properly, you won’t even have to close the candidate at the end.

Closing Top Job Candidates Made Easy

An easy way to set up the pre-close is to formally deliver feedback to a candidate that has interviewed. This should be done with a phone call and never over email. These calls give you an opportunity to develop rapport with your candidate and to tease out concerns. During these calls, you’ll be reconfirming the information that you previously documented such as:




Maintain the Driver’s Seat

This is your best chance to discuss and counter any discrepancies, objections and concerns that your candidate may have. This is also the ideal opportunity to reinforce the positives. Wrap up your pre-closing conversations with a specific agenda for next steps. This puts you in the driver’s seat. Remember, once you set an agenda, stick to it! People appreciate other people that do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it. Be crisp.

Want to Become a Guru on Closing Top Job Candidates?

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