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Flex Your Hiring Muscles With Newton Bootcamps

At Newton, our mission is to improve the practices of hiring managers and recruiters everywhere. Sure, we sell an applicant tracking system, but being a “vendor” is not what defines us. Rather, we like to think of ourselves as a partner to any talent acquisition practitioner interested in their personal growth, career development and becoming a recruiting expert! For this reason, our goal is to offer a community for thought-leadership, where members (customers and noncustomers alike, all free of charge!) can come to share best practices, highlight industry trends and discuss all things related to talent management.

Running Strong Since 2014

Newton Bootcamps have been our first step towards achieving this goal. Running since 2014, Newton Bootcamps provide a collaborative community, where aspiring and established professionals alike can gather to flex their hiring muscles. Topics cover a wide range, but they are always tailored to provide the most valuable information and insights for our Bootcamp attendees (if you have a topic that you would like us to cover, let us know at about it at

World Class Training and Equipment

Newton Bootcamps, which occur monthly, are hosted by recruiting veterans with 15+ years of industry experience under their belts. These trainers have not only achieved great success in their own careers, but they have also mentored countless others to achieve success as well. If you are looking to stay in shape outside of our Bootcamp sessions, check out our blog, expert sessions, and social channels to stay active and get a healthy diet of all things hiring!

Pump-Up Your Offer Acceptance Rates Today

This month’s Bootcamp, held Tuesday, May 24th, will explore techniques and strategies for boosting your offer acceptance rates. The session will be led by Newton co-founder and resident recruiting expert Joel Passen. Joel will share his most valuable insights and secrets, highlighted by his 5 step process for closing candidates (which earned him a 95% offer acceptance rate during his time spent as a recruiter!).

Interested in Boosting Your Offer Acceptance Rates?

Considering all of the time and resources that go into making a job offer, having a candidate turn one down at the last minute is one of the most costly events in recruiting. Sign up for our May Bootcamp session today and learn how you can boost your offer acceptance rates today!




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