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Don’t let the secret out

Finding new ways to source quality engineering talent will always be a challenge for corporate recruiters. But shhhh…. don’t give your secrets away! In case you’ve missed one of the latest trends, the Wall Street Journal blew the cover off one of Silicon Valley’s recruiting secrets. The University of Waterloo has been a hotbed of top engineering talent. They’ve become so enveloped into the tech scene, that they even have a campus run incubator. The idea that the University of Waterloo is graduating an impressive rate of students to America’s finest tech brass may be news, but the concept of recruiting talented people from the top schools in a distinguished field isn’t.

It doesn’t take much to find the top schools for any department or field. A quick Google search of “Top Engineering Schools” pulls up over 16 million records! As to be expected, the order and method of ranking slightly vary, as can be seen here and here, but in general, recruiters can get a good idea of where to focus their attention. To any experienced recruiter, this trick is one of the oldest in the book.

The rise of the internet has made information collection and sourcing much easier. A recent article by Derek Zeller provides great commentary on how recruiters used to find new leads and what happened once the word got out. Derek’s method of sourcing was ingenious. Once the secret was out though, it became a wash. Bringing us back to the point, will the University of Waterloo have the authority to stay on top or will it be just another fad that fades out in favor of the next “recruiting magnet?”

These are just two examples of sourcing innovation, ideas, and trends. What has been your favorite method?


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