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Small and Medium-sized employers have an ATS specifically designed to manage and control hiring

With Newton, employers capture, store and track candidates from one secure place in the cloud. Coordinate and schedule interviews. Run reports and export data with just a few clicks. Set important reminders, follow ups and alerts so that nothing slips through the cracks. Communicate with candidates through thoughtful and efficient email templates that practically write themselves. Collaborate with hiring managers to drive the decisions that drive hiring. Newton empowers small and medium-sized employers with curated functionality to manage hiring processes.

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The Highlights

Newton packs a tremendous amount of value for more than a fair price. Our philosophy has always been to build an applicant tracking system that we’d want to use ourselves, sell it how we’d want to buy it and provide the level of support that we’d expect as customers.

We asked thousands of users to rank their favorite Newton functionality so we could cast the spotlight on what matters most to employers. Here are the stars of the show:

The Storyline

Newton customers start their days knowing that they have the visibility and control to make hires, not excuses. From the second you login, Newton’s homepage offers a recruiting dashboard that serves as air traffic control for your recruiting pipeline. View all of your jobs and the stage of every candidate in one user-friendly, configurable, mobile-ready layout. Click on any candidate’s name to instantly review their resume along with all comments, interview feedback and any other communication amongst your team members.

Take action to move candidates through your recruiting process with just a few clicks. Green is go. Red is no.™ Vetting candidates has never been easier. Engage hiring managers with tools specifically designed for them. With Newton, automated approval processes empower HR pros to manage the business end of hiring while encouraging engagement from executives. Newton’s intuitive workflows are designed by recruiting experts, providing employers with a framework to make recruiting programs repeatable and scalable.

Discover opportunities to improve your recruiting processes and pinpoint bottlenecks before they become problems. Newton provides employers with best-in-class recruiting analytics and reports. Find your best sources for candidates and hires. Determine your average time to hire. Discover which hiring managers are engaged and which ones need more support. Newton puts the answers to the most frequently asked questions in corporate recruiting at your fingertips. And, with an easy-to-use custom reporting engine, you don’t need to be an Excel expert to export production-quality reports in just seconds.  

The Reviews Are In!

Our customers are businesses spanning a variety of industries- from accounting firms to zoological societies. They are typically small to medium-sized organizations that use our applicant tracking system to recruit for every type of position imaginable. We work hard to build partnerships with our customers and we work hard to do right by them. Similarly, our customers often express their gratitude. We’re proud to share some of the thoughts, quotes and applicant tracking system reviews from our community customers.

Make Newton a part of your story.

How do your mornings start? If you’re ready to take control of hiring, improve your recruiting processes and partner with a technology provider that works hard to make you better at your job, we’re ready to hear from you.


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