As employers, we must go where the talent – and the times – are taking us.



Newton co-founder and resident recruiting expert Joel Passen offers practical tips for creating a simple, smart, safe approach to meeting applicants on the mobile web without compromising compliance. Watch this free online bootcamp and take a swipe in the right direction.


At Newton, helping employers optimize their people operations is our number one goal. This starts with recruiting and hiring. The staff at Newton has over 50 years of combined professional recruiting experience.

We created our online recruiting Bootcamp series in 2014 to share best practices, tactics and real advice. Our recruiting Bootcamps were founded on the idea of providing our community of professionals with valuable insights designed to deepen their knowledge and offer fresh perspectives on all topics related to recruiting and hiring.


Newton is the leading applicant tracking system designed for small and medium-size businesses. Fully-featured, mobile-optimized and supported by experts, Newton helps thousands of employers optimize and manage hiring. Newton is simple to purchase and to activate. Smart features promote efficiency and collaboration. And, employers play it safe with all of the critical compliance features included. Combined with simple, smart, safe software is a team of dedicated customer success professionals that provide fast, friendly US-based support.


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