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New Applicant Tracking Software Features Blooming This Spring


Spring is now upon us and here at Newton, we are celebrating the change of seasons with some exciting new improvements to our applicant tracking software. Our rock-star engineering team in Fort Collins has been hard at work to bring our customers the latest round of innovative features and we are ecstatic to share them with you!


Candidate Communication Enhancements

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Essential to creating a satisfying candidate experience is transparent and timely communication. Most talent acquisition specialists and hiring managers recognize this, however, the time involved in maintaining such lines of communication can be a big challenge. Having been recruiters, we understand this, and we are excited to release several new features that enhance Newton’s candidate communication functionality.


Advanced Customization and Report Configuration

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At Newton, we believe in the importance of meeting every user where they are at. Every employer has a slightly different recruiting process and we keep this at the front of our minds when brainstorming new features. In our latest release, we build upon our intuitive workflows and comprehensive reporting by introducing new functionality that allows for further customization of these features within your Newton environment.


Strengthened Security

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Safety is one of the cornerstones that Newton is founded upon. Beyond offering best-in-class EEO/OFCCP compliance functionality to keep you safe, we are also on the forefront of offering the latest IT security solutions. To continue on in our tradition of providing cutting edge cybersecurity capabilities, we are rolling out DKIM and DMARC email delivery capability to harden our security and protect against malicious phishing or spamming activity.


Customers – What to Expect

Kick back and relax! We have already released these features to all Newton accounts free of charge. To find them, keep an eye out for new feature popups in Newton that highlight any notable new functionality!

Not yet a Newton Customer?

If these new features sound interesting and you would like to learn more about Newton, we would love to start a conversation. Follow the link below to schedule a demo of Newton with one of our awesome team members and decide for yourself if Newton is the right Applicant Tracking Software for you!


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