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Program and Philosophy
At Newton, raising the bar for recruiting and hiring practices is our number one goal. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to promote the development of those passionate professionals engaged in our community, not only through our product but also through in-depth training and interaction.

In fact, we are so passionate about helping those in our community grow in their careers, that we have offered Newton Bootcamps free of charge to customers and non-customers alike since 2014. Our Bootcamps were founded upon the dream of establishing an industry-leading, collaborative community, where aspiring and established professionals alike can gather to share industry tips, trends, and secrets. Two years later, we are well on our way towards accomplishing this goal, with Newton Bootcamps serving as the go-to source for thought leadership amongst recruiters and hiring managers.

Are you a recruiter or a hiring professional? Do you like to soak up knowledge? Check yes to either of these questions and you’re already in good shape. Whether you’re just getting started in your career, or you’re a seasoned pro, Newton Bootcamp is here to get you in top form!

Training Schedule
We host our exercises once a month, where attendees get the opportunity to meet with fellow leaders in the HR and recruiting industries to flex their hiring muscles. Bootcamps will focus on a different topic every month to ensure maximum strength potential is reached. Join us for sessions on industry trends, compliance, and more.

Leading up to our Bootcamps, it is essential that you prepare yourself with the proper nutrition. We recommend a healthy serving of our blog articles, expert sessions and social media activity to provide you with the fuel that you need to maximize your potential. Through these outlets, we offer a balanced diet of exciting news, trends, and insights relevant to our community.

Our Bootcamp sessions are led by outstanding instructors who have 10+ years of experience in recruiting. They’re not only experts in their fields, but they have empowered countless others to excel in their respective careers as well. Our attendees have equally as impressive resumes, not to mention, they are as engaged and passionate about these Bootcamps as we are! Hiring season is upon us, it’s time for you to get in shape! Follow the link below to register for Newton Bootcamp free of charge today! (Plus, we promise not to meet at 6 am or yell at any point)

Join us for the next training session!

Tuesday, April 19th at 10 am PST / 1:00pm EST.


About Newton
Newton is the leading applicant tracking system designed for small and medium-size businesses. Fully-featured, mobile-optimized and supported by experts, Newton helps thousands of employers optimize and manage hiring. Newton is simple to purchase and to activate. Smart features promote efficiency and collaboration. Employers play it safe with all of the critical compliance features included. Combined with simple, smart and safe software, is a team of dedicated customer success professionals that provide fast and friendly US-based support.

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