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Whether you are a human resource or a recruiting leader looking to implement applicant tracking software for the first time, or the fifth time, choosing Newton makes it easy. Our cloud-based hiring technology platform is designed by recruiters, for recruiters. At Newton, our mission has never changed; build ATS software that we’d want to use, sell it how we’d want to buy it and provide the customer experience that we’d expect! This is why Newton is the leading applicant tracking system for small and medium-size employers. Simple, smart and safe. That’s the Newton way.

The excitement of a new technology purchase wears off when the activation process takes months and drags on, seemingly forever. Or, worse, if you have to do all the provisioning yourself because your vendor doesn’t have the resources to assist. When you choose Newton, you partner with a team of subject matter experts that are dedicated to getting new customers up and running so that you never leave success to chance. Be weary of vendors offering free activations or promising a 48-hour turn-around. Chances are, you’ll get access to the technology fast but you’ll be left holding the bag when it comes to realizing the return on your investment.

Ever groan when you see a long manual on how to get started? So do we. These days, no one wants to wade through a manual to get started. Newton is designed by people like you – not engineers. With some guided training, you and your team will start collaborating on day 1. With built-in dashboards, templates, and analytics, you’ll have the shiniest toy in the office – rare for the HR department.

To us, smart means meeting every user where they are at. Newton is the leader in mobile for applicant tracking software. Our entire product is mobile. Your career pages will be mobile. Your job applications will be mobile. By meeting every user where they are, Newton has the highest internal adoption rates and ensures that your candidate conversion rates will be the highest possible.

Smart also means that Newton will help you be more efficient. For example, Newton’s interview scheduling tool with email integrations (Outlook and Gmail) will have you asking how you ever lived without it. Saving time is smart. We’ll thumb wrestle anyone who says otherwise.

With ever more regulations impacting the hiring process, recruiting compliance cannot be ignored. Every employer over 50 employees needs to take compliance seriously these days. That’s why every feature Newton builds compliance in mind so that you can keep recruiting, worry free.

Plus, with employment laws emphasizing worker safety more than ever, background screening is more crucial than ever before. Newton has the deepest integrations with leading, nationally accredited background screening partners. Increasing visibility and accountability, Newton audits the entire background check process and provides real-time status for every background check requested, started and completed (or not completed). Newton’s customers never lose a background check or need to wonder about the status of a screen. And, best of all, you’ll never chase an applicant’s release forms around nor store sensitive information in your email inbox again.

Finally, one of our core beliefs is that support should be free, always. There are no tiers, no hidden gotcha’s, or pay to play with Newton. With three teams dedicated to our customers, it’s no surprise that 87% of support tickets are resolved within 24 hours.

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