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There are secret tactics that can directly influence candidates and the way they view employers. We’re going to reveal them in this week’s recruiting hack. Read on to learn more about specific techniques you can apply throughout the recruiting process, tapping into the decision making regions of candidates’ minds to secure the best applicants.

Let’s face it, it’s human nature to think about ourselves first – especially when looking for a new job. How will I fit in? Are the people happy there? I wonder if there are career advancement opportunities? These are all questions that candidates are asking themselves when they see a job opening.

Your website is your billboard. Improving your career page is an easy way to make a great first impression, create interest and minimize risk by focusing on what matters most to job candidates. Focus on information that you know the selfish part of the mind will relate to instantly like:
-opportunities for career advancement
-highlight unique benefits
-explain any training opportunities
-use statistics and data to support claims

Human optic nerves fire images to the brain every millisecond. These images are create a stronger impression and have more ability to influence candidates than words alone. When a candidate land on your careers page, their first impression is ingrained in their minds almost immediately – before they even know it. This makes imagery a very powerful tool to get into the minds of your candidates. Give candidates a lasting visual impression of your company and what it’s really like to work there by using thoughtful images.

Improve your career page by using personalized images that accurately represent the story that you want to convey to potential candidates. Avoid using stock photography. Be original. Be real. Here are some suggestions to get you started.
– Show real employees doing real work- not just partying on the company rafting trip.
– Highlight the positive qualities of your actual facility.
– Show real people that you serve like customer or patients.

Let’s face it, we live in an ‘on-demand society’ where instant feedback is the new norm. People expect instant gratification. Unfortunately, the job application process for most employers is an responsive black hole. If you want to get into the minds of your candidates, you need to keep them focused on the ultimate goal of your application process – getting some sort of feedback!

Most employers are asking a lot of candidates even before the person sees any sort of recognition. We suggest offering candidates something for free even before you ask them to spend anytime on applying to your job. Give them a little instant gratification.
-Acknowledge applicants as soon as they apply to a job with an email (your ATS Software should do this automatically). Include a link to learn more information about your organization in the email.
-Take a play from your marketing team’s playbook and create a downloadable eBook to outline benefits like time off, health plans, etc.
– Simply tell candidates how long it will take them to complete your application process.
– Outline your hiring process on your website so candidates have a clear understanding of next steps if any.

In the end, when a candidate chooses to join your company, they are choosing to join your clan. Candidates view culture as the structure and ideas that define your clan. It’s proven that humans seek safety and security in other people. Marketers call this social proof. The behavior of seeking proof from other people to validate your corporate culture is beyond powerful. It’s innate.

Work is a inherently a social endeavor these days. Candidates are interested in knowing how other people have become successful at your organization. Here are ways to use the concept of social proof to win the minds of candidates.
– Featuring employee testimonials can improve your careers page. Have an employee highlight they favorite aspect of the company. Maybe you have a killer onboarding / orientation program. Use that to your advantage by having an employee tell that story.
– Use a customer quote on your site that highlights what a pleasure it is to work with your people.
– Apply for a “best place to work” award. Even going through the process will help you think about ways to get into the minds of job candidates.

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