Talent acquisition is, no doubt, a top priority for small and medium-size employers. However, according to the Aberdeen Group, organizations are struggling to optimize recruiting processes and attract the right talent. In the same study, Aberdeen encourages employers to rethink their current strategies and technology to better align hiring with concrete business objectives.

In order to get the best talent in front of hiring managers, employers need to put better ATS software in the hands of HR. When choosing new ATS software, employers need to look for 3 key elements to ensure success. Here’s our simple recipe for ATS software success.


This is #1. Look for core features and usability across all levels – recruiters, hiring managers, executives, interviewers, etc. Don’t get distracted by features that only a few users will care about or use. Recruiting is the most collaborative business operation in your organization. Find an ATS software that improves user engagement and meets your end users where they are (see Newton’s Echo feature). If it’s easy-to-use, your team will be less likely to revert to old, bad habits.

Quick tip: Think about all stages of the recruiting process. Will your ATS software make it easy for applicants to apply, hiring teams to manage the workflow, and interviewers to provide feedback?


Activations should be complete in days, or a few weeks, from the time of purchase. Not months. A successful applicant tracking system activation should not require much of IT’s time or resources, either. As a cloud based company, Newton enables customers to get up and running as soon as the ink is dry on the contract. Now, as we’ve all learned, quick doesn’t always equal successful. Newton provides hiring leaders with all of the workbooks, training resources, and tutorials to guarantee that every activation is set up for success.

Quick tip: Ask before you buy. By knowing what resources (time & personnel) will be needed before purchase, you can properly prepare and enable a successful activation.


No one likes problems, but when they come up, we want them to be solved fast and with a pleasant experience. Having an applicant tracking system is mission-critical as companies grow and with multiple departments operating at once on the platform, issues will arise. Let’s face it, the hiring team acts as the first line of defense and support when a user has a problem. This fire can grow out of control, or it can be a small blimp on the radar. Customer support needs to be accessible, find the root of the problem, and resolve the issue quickly. Don’t wait until you need help to test out the support team. Thoroughly investigate and review your support options and what is being promised.

Quick tip: Ask the tough questions. Is there email support? Phone support? Is there a knowledge base or support center with articles? Is the support team in-house or outsourced? Will I have a dedicated contact? Do you charge for support? How quickly can I expect my support ticket to be resolved?


Newton is a fully-featured applicant tracking system software that’s specifically designed to help small and medium-size employers hire. With Newton, employers enjoy a great user experience that’s completely mobile and loved by hiring managers. And, we never leave success to chance. Each new customer is assigned a dedicated US-based Customer Success Manager to ensure a speedy and successful activation. On-going phone, email and web-based customer support is free and fast (87% of support cases are resolved within 24 hours).

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