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Smart organizations place emphasis on simplifying their process, driving decisions, being consistent and treating applicants like people, not parts.   At Newton, we honor these values by following a systematic approach to recruiting called Lean Hiring.

Implementing a Lean Hiring process increases overall productivity by eliminating wasted steps periods of inactivity, driving decisions and promoting consistency.

Our team at Newton has put together an amazing infographic that will teach you how to apply the 3 Keys to Lean Hiring:

1: Simplify Everything 

Quick Tip: Avoid over customization.

2: Drive Decisions

Quick Tip: Choose ATS software designed to drive the decisions that drive hiring.

3: Be Consistent

Quick Tip: Standardize recruiting processes across your company.

We’ve found that employers who apply this supply chain like approach to recruiting are able to hire faster and maximize resources.  Download the infographic here to start creating a scalable, repeatable hiring process for your organization!



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