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Let’s face it, every recruiting executive has hired the wrong recruiter at least once. It happens more often than you’d think. Truth be told, hiring recruiters is hard. Recruiters are typically good sales people and veteran interviewees. The bottom line is that recruiters can be very convincing AND they know all the right things to say.

We’ve built a comprehensive interview guide, our blueprint, for hiring a successful corporate recruiter. We’ll share that soon. Make sure you’re signed up to receive our weekly Recruiting Hacks email. Until then, here are three essential interview questions that you have to start asking corporate recruiters today.

Where do you waste most of your time (when you do)? Do get distracted easily?

This question gets to the heart of a trait that is imperative for a corporate recruiter to be  successful: focus. A recruiter will fail without the ability to focus. Every time their mind wanders or they get interrupted (this happens often), a good recruiter must have the ability to get back on task. Here’s a simple reality: if they can’t focus effectively, they can’t think and act effectively. And if they can’t think and act effectively, they won’t be able to stay organized. If they can’t stay organized, things (people) will slip through the cracks. When things (people) slip through the cracks, recruiters fail.

Tip: Follow up with the following questions. How do you stay organized? How do you set priorities?

How would you rate your ability to learn new technical / internet tools. Give me an example of a time you were asked to use a new tool. How fast were you able to come up to speed?

A resourceful recruiter is a successful recruiter. Resourcefulness naturally requires some intellectual curiosity. To be successful at any profession, one needs to stay up on the latest trends, tools and ATS software. This has never been so true for recruiters. It seems like every week there’s a new recruiting tool or new productivity tool on the market. Having a general awareness of what’s out there and how these tools work is critical to be successful as a recruiter in any field.

Tip: Here’s your follow up question. When you get stuck with a technical issue, describe how you solve that issue? Your candidate should list steps that start with researching the problem and then contacting support.

Tell me how you deal with a candidate when they reject a job offer? What do you do after a candidate has rejected your offer?

Sad but true: rejection is a huge part of recruiting. Candidates turn down offers – often. It stings. It can be embarrassing. Turndowns suck. Everyone reacts differently to disappointment but a good recruiter is able to let it go and land on their feet. A great recruiter can let it go and learn to spot the warning signs of a turndown and act to prevent the same scenario from playing out again. Ask recruiters how they deal with rejection. And, ask the same question of a reference to corroborate your findings. You want a stable recruiter that avoids peaks and valleys.

Tip: Ask corporate recruiters to give you their top 3 turndowns of all time and what they learned from each of them. Ask them what they would have done differently.

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