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It’s one thing to be an individual contributor on a recruiting team. But what happens when you reach the point in your career where you’re asked to set up and be a recruiting manager?

Many people end up in the position of being a recruiting manager without thinking about developing a management style or understanding how to effectively manage a team of corporate recruiters. The old strategy of just “winging it” won’t cut it. This recruiting hack provides five tips to help you be a better recruiting manager.

Managers are busy people. We have added responsibilities and many of us still carry a req load. Plus, we have to go to all those meetings. A great recruiting manager must not only be approachable but also must encourage team members to engage to receive  advice. Simply put, a great recruiting manager has to play the role of a sage, a mentor, a thought partner. Encourage your team to come to you with questions and problems. A great recruiting manager not only provides guidance but also clears the obstacles that impede the progress of the team.

If your team is unclear on their tasks and priorities, they will inevitably become unproductive. You need to make it clear exactly what you want your recruiters to do during the day. You can’t just expect that recruiters will just start filling jobs. You must set the structure of the work – the processes, the procedures, the goals. Be specific. Set up regular touch base meetings to keep your team on task. Set standing one-on-one meetings. Use metrics to measure outputs – most recruiters will appreciate  knowing how well they’re doing, what they need to do to improve and how they can get ahead in the organization.

A good recruiting manager doesn’t have to be drill sergeant – barking out orders and dolling out threats. Constantly carrying a stick will result in people being afraid and disillusioned. If you have a recruiter that is lagging, talk to them privately. Ask questions and then find constructive ways to fix the problem or build the skill. When a recruiter is doing particularly well or going beyond the call of duty recognize their achievements. Give them more responsibilities not just more reqs. Positive reinforcement is far more powerful as a management tool than punishment and criticism.

No one is right all the time. Accept feedback and listen to ideas. If you’re the manager who never listens to anything anyone else has to say and isn’t big enough to admit to making a mistake, your team won’t respect you. A great manager is constantly learning and encourages employees to speak up and contribute – you never know, their contribution could be the perspective you needed to push through a problem.

If your recruiters are just punching the clock and leaving right at the bell then you’re unlikely to have a very committed recruiting team. If you don’t offer your recruiters something to aim for then you aren’t motivating them in the ways that you should. Share details with your team to get them excited about what the future holds, not just for the group but for them too. Share plans with them, ask for their feedback, let them participate in meetings, make them a part of selecting your recruiting technology. The more invested they are, the more likely they will go above and beyond the call of duty.


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