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Here’s the deal. The best corporate recruiting departments realize that it isn’t just the marketing department that builds the brand; employees in every department have a role to play.

To build a strong recruiting brand, you need recruiting ambassadors – employees who are engaged, connected, committed and can communicate the company mantra clearly. We’ve realized, for some time now, that our employees are all potential recruiting ambassadors. Most of us have tens, hundreds and even thousands of employees who are can share their stories, discuss their careers, promote the employment experience at the company.

In order to transform employees into recruiting ambassadors, you need them to understand the value of the employment brand and feel connected to it. A bonafide ambassador will be able to share the organization’s mission, vision and values on command.


  1. When on boarding new employees make sure they know how to refer potential applicants.
  2.  Train every new employee on how to pitch the company.
  3. Make it easy to share jobs to status updates on LinkedIn.
  4. Schedule a meeting with highly engaged employees (future ambassadors) after 90 days on the job to discuss who they know for specific openings. Repeat every 90 days.
  5. Form a recruiting committee comprised of managers from various departments that meets once a month to brainstorm on how to attract talent and improve the recruiting process.


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