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The key to landing superstar employees is to not oversell. It’s to overbuy. This is a great recruiting hack to share with your hiring managers. After all, in most cases, hiring managers make the final decisions. We suggest sharing these tips that will improve the odds of hiring superstars with your team. You also may want to share our 5 tips for presenting offers. After all, sharing is caring.

The growth gap is the difference in what the candidate will be doing, learning and evolving into in your job in comparison to what the person is doing in their current role. Superstars are ambitious, intellectually curious and just generally need to be challenged. In order for a job to be considered a true career opportunity, you must create and outline a meaningful growth gap.

Superstars want to work for managers who offer authentic mentorship and sound leadership traits. In addition to defining your management style, take the time to highlight your teams’ accomplishments. Share examples of employees that have been successful. Share stories of recognition and instances of promotions. Remember, superstars want to work for someone that believes in them and will invest in their success.

Birds of a feather flock together. Think a candidate is a potential superstar? There’s no better social proof than having a superstar meet a superstar. Prove to your high potential hires that they’ll likely work with other superstars.

Always remind your candidate that she or he is one of a few very promising candidates and that you’ll be in touch very shortly as you narrow down the field. Superstars naturally want to win. By creating a subtle sense of scarcity (you are one of a couple of people competing for this job), you’ll drive the candidate to want to “win” the job.

Hiring superstars requires vision. Spending extra time with the person to outline the projects that he or she will be working on will reduce the risks of the unknown for your superstar. As you near the end of the interview process, schedule an hour with your top candidate. Use the meeting as a work session to outline what they will be working on in the first 30.60,90 days. The person will naturally put themselves in the job even before they’ve accepted your offer.


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