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So you found the perfect candidate’s profile using our LinkedIn X-Ray Search hack and now you need to reach out to that person. But how? You don’t know their email address.  Twitter? No. A LinkedIn Inmail? Lots of people get several LinkedIn requests a day. Too much noise. Email is your best shot. But how do your find their email address?

This week’s recruiting hack exposes some ways to figure out someone’s email address quickly. The following three methods each take just a few minutes to find an email address.


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Voila Norbert might become your best friend when it comes to finding someone’s email address. The tool is straight simple. Put in someone’s first and last name as well as the domain of the company they work for, then click “Work for me, Norbert.” And … voila. Sometimes the candidate may be a consultant and doesn’t work at any one company. If this is the case, you might get lucky putting “” as the domain.



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Did Norbert fail you? Try a little strategic guessing.  While this method is more involved, it still takes less than five minutes to guess their email. Again, this method has a higher chance of success if the candidate works at a specific company  Go to Email Breaker and there’s a good chance that it will tell you their company’s email structure.



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Download the Prophet plugin for Chrome. With Prophet, when viewing a person’s profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other site containing social profiles, a little white arrow in a black box will appear in the top right hand corner of your screen. Click the box and a sidebar will appear displaying a list of all the social profiles and websites associated with that person. And, a good amount of the time, Prophet will display a list of possible email addresses for this person based on the information contained within their social media accounts. Plus Prophet will also search the web to take a best guess at a likely email address if one is not found. Currently, Prophet is free!



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