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Last week’s Recruiting Hack provided advice to increase offer acceptance rates. The aforementioned hack really focused on the steps and the process you need to take to get better results. Needless to say, it’s important to present an offer correctly.

Here are 5 must follow tips for presenting an offer correctly.

Time is the enemy of all deals. Don’t keep your candidate waiting on an offer. A good corporate recruiter manages the hiring manager, executives, and the candidate. You can’t over-communicate. No candidate will turn your offer down because you were timely and thorough. Over communication is not possible when making an offer.

You were transparent and attentive throughout the entire recruiting process. Unless you are unable to connect with your candidate in person, the phone is the last resort. Making an offer to your candidate over email is a huge no-no. Also, remember, it’s always a good idea to make a verbal offer first.

Never have HR (or anyone that the candidate doesn’t have a relationship with already) just send your candidate an offer on your behalf. People appreciate consistency. Furthermore, you’ve built a relationship and you don’t want your candidate just thinking you were the “closer”.

Never send an offer without covering every detail with your candidate prior. When your candidate receives their offer, there should be absolutely nothing in it that surprises them unless it’s more money or some other pleasant surprise. If your candidate thinks you were hiding some small print or didn’t know what you were talking about, they will (or should) walk thinking that you and the company are disingenuous.

Discuss the next steps and set the decision timeline with your candidate. Let them know when the offer will go out and how long they will have to accept it. The industry standard decision time frame is a deadline of 3 business days, with 1-2 days being preferable. Providing any less time is unprofessional and frankly seems like a strong-arm tactic. And, remember, Friday is the worst day to present the offer.



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