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As recruiters, we live and die with email. Writing a killer subject line can be the difference between landing a candidate or ending up in a deleted items folder. Marketing pros spend countless cycles A/B testing subject lines to find the one that yields the highest open rates. It’s high time you start hacking your way to subject line success in your recruiting emails.

If you’re not using some sort of personalization already, start now and start with location. According to MailChimp, using a city name in the subject line is proven to increase open rates. Candidates are less likely to perceive the message as spam if it’s actually relevant to them. We use the candidate’s first name in the subject line too by the way.

You thought 140 characters was short. The experts advise that you should keep your subject line to less than 50 characters. There is plenty of supporting research on the length of the ideal email subject line. According to story published on Entrepreneur, research shows that 40 characters is the magic number. Keeping it to 40 characters requires some thought (this sentence is 42).

You’re trying to establish some trust here. People don’t like to be tricked. Avoid words like “reminder” and “urgent”.  It’s also good to avoid using hyperbolic phrases like “you won’t believe” or anything that involves a secret or something else that can be perceived as sketchy. Finally, be conversational, almost familiar. After all, you’re trying to build a relationship here.

You have to stand out in the inbox these days. With hundreds of emails pouring in you’ve only got a second or two to draw attention. We liked a few of these unique examples here. Again, nobody likes to be tricked but don’t be afraid to throw in an emoji, capitalize something out of the ordinary, or personalize beyond someone’s first name.

Here are some examples that we’re using right now at Newton that are working great.

[FIRSTNAME], Amazing Mktg opening on my team in SF (I have 10 characters for the first name)

[FIRSTNAME],   Rewarding Customer Success oppty in SF 

[FIRSTNAME], We’re building a dream team in FoCo

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