This recruiting hack borrows a play from your marketing team’s playbook to help keep your recruitment brand in front of job candidates.




99% of employers can’t compete with big recruitment brands like Facebook and Google but that doesn’t mean you that can’t do some pretty creative things to stay in front of job candidates . Steal a play from the marketing department’s play book and set up a retargeting campaign that’s connected to your organization’s careers page.

Have you ever noticed banner ads from a website / brand that you visited recently have started turning up on other sites? That’s retargeting. Basically, retargeting is a tool that marketers use to keep their brands and messages in front of people surfing the web. Retargeting is actually a pretty simple concept. You place a script on your website. When a visitor hits a page on your site, the script places a cookie on their browser. Then when people that have visited that page on your site surf the rest of the web they will see your ads.

Google is the easiest retargeting service to get started with and you can easily control your spend on a daily basis so you won’t break the bank with this recruiting hack. Plus, most organizations have already established a Google Adwords account so it’s likely your marketing department can help you execute this hack in next to no time. If you don’t have a marketing team, Google has some great resources to get you started. And, there are plenty of “how to” guides on the web. Here is one of our favorites.

It’s actually pretty easy to create a retargeting campaign for your recruitment brand. Work with your marketing department or an IT resource to set up a Google Adwords account. Then place the retargeting script on your website. Now create an ad campaign with a compelling CTA (call to action) that drives people back to your careers page. With retargeting your brand will stay top of mind and encourage candidates to return to complete your online application process.


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