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So, we’ve been drinking our own champagne recently. Last week we opened a marketing manager job here at Newton to help market our applicant tracking system. We used our LinkedIn X-Ray Recruiting Hack from July 13th to build a list of relevant local marketing managers. Seeing as we don’t have access to a paid LinkedIn account, finding someone’s email address can be time consuming. Enter Prophet. Prophet is a free Chrome plug-in / extension that helps you find and verify the email addresses of recruiting targets, passive candidates and anyone else you need an email address for.

If you don’t use Chrome, start now. Go to the Chrome store or follow this link to get the Prophet plug-in. Download the Prophet Chrome extension. With Prophet, when viewing a person’s profile on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other site containing social profiles, a little white arrow in a black box will appear in the top right hand corner of your screen (as seen below). Click the box and a sidebar will appear displaying a list of all the social profiles and websites associated with that person. And, a good amount of the time, Prophet will display a list of possible email addresses for this person based on the information contained within their social media accounts. Plus Prophet will also search the web to take a best guess at a likely email address if one is not found. Currently, Prophet is free!




When you install plug-ins and extensions, a warning to access your data may appear. This is the case when you install Prophet. The warning doesn’t mean the app is dangerous, just that it can be. Accept the warning to allow permission or deny to prevent the app or extension from accessing your information. Here is Google’s guide to permissions requested by extensions. We find Google’s permissions descriptions a bit vague so when we use Prophet, we install it only when we are sourcing and remove it when we’re done instead of leaving it running all of the time.


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