Newton Mobile Hiring Software

Newton Mobile Hiring Software

Today everything recruiting is expected to occur in an instant. Blame this on the ability to be able to do everything you need from practically any makeshift office on earth. Traveling to Disney World for the weekend? Take your iPhone stay connected to your recruiting process after a day of roller coaster rides, from the comfort of your Mickey Mouse themed hotel room. Need to work in a remote office from your tablet computer? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy, thanks to mobile applicant tracking systems. Recruiting doesn’t stop or slow down when busy corporate recruiters and hiring managers are moving around. Listen, the world of work has evolved, so should your applicant tracking system.

Going mobile is the catch phrase of businesses of all sizes. From hiring managers reviewing resumes and applications from the road to recruiters pulling up contact information in-between meetings, using responsive apps that are optimized for any platform is a must. Need more convincing? Here are the statistics from a hiring manager survey via Newton Software:
• 90 percent of hiring managers want access to data for recruiting via their smartphones and tablets
• 98 percent of job recruiters note their efficiency would improve if they had a mobile applicant tracing system
Your users want to have the ability to check on the hiring status of applicants and recruits from their mobile devices. That is happening across the board, and employers that permit this type of mobility increase their hiring capabilities ten fold.

1. 90% of your hiring managers expect to review resumes from a mobile device
2. 95% of executives want to complete approval tasks from a mobile device.
3. 90% interviewers want to submit feedback from mobile devices
4. 98% of recruiters want to be able to search an ATS from a mobile device
5. HR professionals need to be able to get information from an ATS while on the go
6. Users need to submit a background check from any device
7. Users don’t want to download another app (responsive technology makes an app strategy obsolete)
8. Users don’t want to pinch, scroll and zoom to use technology on a mobile device (struggling to use non-responsive / mobile ATSs on a mobile device sucks)
9. Users of HR and recruiting systems have higher expectations of usability these days
10. The most modern applicant tracking systems are now completely mobile and will have the best functionality

Always ahead of the curve, Newton was the first hiring software developer to develop an applicant tracking system that functions the same across all possible platforms from an iPhone to your desktop. All you need is access to the Internet, and you can do everything from viewing an applicant’s resume to submitting their information for a background check—all from your mobile device. Intuitive and user-centric, Newton’s hiring software empowers all users with a completely mobile interface via responsive web design. You deserve a completely mobile, easy-to-use applicant tracking system. And, your users expect one! Contact Newton today for a free demo.

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