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Corporate recruiters have the daunting and tedious task of consistently keeping track of job applicants from the time that they apply to the day they show up for work. Along the way, there are plenty of opportunities for miscommunication, confusion and logistical snafus. For example, take a look at the interviewing stages – nightmares for lots of recruiters -especially those without the luxury of having a recruiting coordinator or smart interview scheduling software. When you either fail to schedule fast enough, miss a connection, or skimp on well-written interview invitations, the entire hiring process is jeopardized. Not only can you lose the applicant, you can also loose the confidence hiring managers and interviewers. Thankfully, we’ve entered the golden age of interview scheduling software that offers a helping hand in maintaining organization and efficiency for coordinating job interviews.

Attracting people that you want to interview is hard enough. Setting up an interview is like herding cats . First you spend days bouncing possible interview times back and forth between you and the applicant. You have to find a day and time that works for everyone quickly. But you’re not even close to done. Now you inevitably have to go to your Outlook, create a meeting and look at all of the interviewers free / busy information. Then you play a game of Tetris, trying to line up everyone in an order that makes sense and is at least moderately strategic.

If you aren’t already fatigued from just reading this, next you need to create an invitation that provides the applicant the following details:

-The date and time of the interview including the actual day to reduce any reader error
-The location of the interview including map directions if you are on you’re A-game, along with details regarding the building name, specific floor/level, and your cell phone number.
-Parking information, whether at the physical location or if the applicant will need to use public transportation
-Information they should bring with them, i.e. identification, etc

Wait. You’re still not done. Did you send the invitation to everyone else in the interview process? You obviously won’t need to send the fore mentioned information to the interview team, so you’ll need to create a couple different versions of your interview invitation. By now if you’re playing to win (and recruiters are), you’ve likely written 4-5 personalized meeting invitations. Cats!

Still not done. Until you’ve seen the candidate or haven’t received a call that there was a no show, you’re not done scheduling. Once you’ve sent the necessary interview invitations to the interview attendees you have to secure confirmation that they have received them and will be able to attend. Cats! Rinse. Repeat.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had smart interview scheduling software built right into your applicant tracking system? We’re talking really smart. Talkin’ about interview scheduling software that would allow you to check your interviewers’ free / busy information right from applicants’ records. Talkin’ about a tool that would write all those thoughtful interview invitations. Talkin’ about a closed-loop system that would push invitation acceptance and decline notifications to you so you never end up with an applicant in the lobby and no manager in sight.

At Newton, we’ve been thinking about making interview scheduling easier for a long time so will built a killer interview scheduling feature into Newton for internal recruiters. Our product team refers to Newton’s interview scheduling software as a product within a product. Taking advantage of deep integrations with Microsoft Outlook and Google’s Gmail, Newton integrates employers’ calendars right into the core process of interviewing to maximize the efficiency of recruiters.  Invitations are handled via the platform. Smart rich-text templates that can be customized at the job-level, dept. or location-levels, or for specific interview teams, save you the headache of creating invites more than once. Triggering smart alerts your interviews are confirmed or declined by Newton. Too good to be true? Nah. There’s one more thing. We don’t charge extra for this feature. It just comes with Newton.


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