Talent shortage, skills gap, skills shortage – call it what you want, there are a lot of employers including small and medium-size organizations struggling to find qualified applicants for their open jobs these days. And, there is a lot of grumbling to go with it. In his latest study, Brandon Hall Group’s Talent Analyst, Kyle Lagunas, is attempting to get to the bottom of this question.

Sure the demand for talent is certainly high, and there is evidence supporting the existence of skills gaps in certain industries and area of the US. However, based on research by Brandon Hall Group, talent shortages may not be as pervasive as some employers believe. According to Brandon Hall Group’s recent 2014 State of Talent Acquisition Report,
-78% of organizations rated their talent acquisition efforts and capabilities as less than highly effective
-64% rely on reactionary recruiting processes and operate without even a high-level strategy in place to support hiring initiatives.

Your opinion needs to be heard.

What do you think? Is there a real worldwide talent shortage? Is this just another excuse or convenient myth? If not, why are recruiters struggling to find qualified candidates?

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