Last month we shared the “5 Things That Bug Corporate Recruiters“. People really seemed to identify with the common annoyances that corporate recruiters face every day. In similar fashion, our team has been asking HR managers what bugs them the most. Here are the things that our team uncovered.

Here are 5 things that bug HR managers.

5. Perpetual complainers
You see their name in your email. You recognize their number on your caller ID. There’s always someone or something that this person wants to complain about. There’s always something that’s unfair. This person complains how overworked and under appreciated they are. See whiner.

4. Know-it-alls
This person clearly knows everything about everything and you don’t know anything because you’re in HR. This person will try to handle everything until there is an issue and then it’s your responsibility to unwind the problem. When it blows up, it’s HR’s fault. And, forget about giving this person suggestions or coaching. They know everything.

3. Executive elitism
You may have a “V” or a “C” in your title but company policies still apply to you. And, you still need to fill out open enrollment forms. You ARE an employee. Mandatory sexual harassment training? Show up! Stop firing people randomly. There are policies in the employee handbook that help prevent lawsuits. Your executive title doesn’t exempt you from policies. Get you damn paperwork in on time and start setting a better example.

2. Unrealistic reporting requests
You want a seat at the table? Start producing some reports. Oh and those reports—they need to be the ones that your CEO read about in that one HBR article. Budget to buy tools to measure what matters most? Snort. Pull resources from another group? Hell no.

1. Surprises
Bob’s here! Wait. Bob who? Who hired Bob? For what? HR managers are bugged when they’re the last ones to know about stuff that impacts their job – especially new hires. Surprises are for birthdays not the work place.

Listen, we’re not going to try to make the case that a great applicant tracking system is going to stomp out complainers, know-it-alls and executive elitism but, a simple, smart, safe applicant tracking system will help you tackle those recruiting-related reporting requests. And, with functionality that creates a transparent offer approval process, an applicant tracking system will minimize the surprises. To learn more contact Newton applicant tracking expert today.

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