Over 2500 HR and recruiting professionals have already attended at least one Expert Session to learn more about how Newton’s fully-featured applicant tracking system help employers hire.



Earlier this year, Newton’s Customer Success Team launched a training series called Expert Sessions. Expert Session are a weekly webinar series designed to empower employers to get the most out of Newton, the leading applicant tracking system for small and medium-size employers. Each week, Newton experts highlight a different feature and offer tips and tricks to show HR and recruiting practitioners how to continue to leverage Newton to further improve recruiting processes.

Attendance for Expert Sessions has been phenomenal. Over 2500 HR and recruiting professional have already attended at least one Expert Session. In additional to providing more free training resources, Expert Sessions are encouraging conversations that are leading to suggestions for feature enhancements, users events and more.

Newton’s Customer Success is finalizing the Expert Sessions for June. Newton Administrative and Staffing Users can sign up for notifications and invitations here.

Expert Session topics for June include:
-Best practices for using predictive pre-employment assessments
-A special session on Newton’s next big release that helps employers manage duplicate applicants easily
-How to get the most out of Newton’s best-in-class interview scheduling software
-Newton best practices – ideas to drive results

Interested in evaluating an applicant tracking system that comes with great customer service and valuable training events?
Connect with a Newton expert to learn more about our fully-featured, completely mobile applicant tracking system for employers. Newton helps employers hire. And, with the industry’s best support team (87% of support cases are resolved within 24 hours), employers have experts to rely to provide the level of service and support small and medium-size employers deserve. Request a conversation and personalized web meeting.


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