For the third time in just over 5 months, Newton has released another upgrade to it’s award winning applicant tracking system for employers.


Just 5 months into 2015 and Newton has just shipping the third upgrade to it’s award winning applicant tracking system.  Newton’s newest version and accompanying new functionality is available now.

In addition to security and performance updates, that are designed to prepare Newton for another large set of enhancements later in May, Newton also announced valuable integrations that make Newton simpler, smarter and safer than ever.


Pre Employment Personality Tests & Assessments

Predict how well applicants will fit the job BEFORE the interview. Make better, faster, data-driven hiring decisions with pre hire assessments offered by Newton. This new functionality is completely integrated with Newton’s applicant tracking system. The predictive fit assessment technology and science is developed by one of the leading predictive fit assessment providers in the world and features over 900 pre-benchmarked occupations. Key benefits include:

Superior Candidate Insights Help Predict Job Fit
Assessments measure candidates on 10 different personality traits providing powerful predictive results

Easy to Interpret Reports That Require No Training
Scores and accompanying reports are displayed inside Newton and are easy to understand and interpret so hiring managers can begin using them immediately.

Behavioral Interview Questions for More Strategic Interviews
Insightful reports include business impact questions based on applicants’ scores for specific jobs that serve as a behavioral interview guides for interviewers.

Coaching Suggestions to Improve Retention Rates
Thought provoking reports include advice designed to facilitate employee retention rates

Employers using Newton can opt-in to use this new add-on functionality now. There is an additional cost to use this valuable tool based on the size of your organization. Pricing plans are flexible and affordable. Get more information about valuable integrated pre-hire personality tests, pricing and schedule a 30 minute demo here.


Leonard-CircleWe’re excited about the opportunity to empower employers with more data to drive the decisions that drive hiring. One of the number one requests that I receive from employers is to have some sort of integrated predictive assessment as a part of Newton. I know there are a lot of Newton users that are really excited about getting started with these predictive fit assessments. And, it’s great that our customers can get up and running in less than 30 minutes and hiring managers require almost no training.” – Jonathan Leonard, Customer Success Manager,


Single Sign On Powered by OneLogin

Newton has partnered with leading single sign on (SSO) and identity management provider, OneLogIn to provide a simple, smart, safe solution for employers interested in single sign on. Going forward, this also means that Newton is now SAML-ready. SAML is a protocol that communicates your login credentials between an Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider like OneLogin and your apps like Newton Software, all “behind the scenes”. Once you log in to OneLogin, you are securely authenticated to all your apps. Employers can even get started with Onelogin’s solutions for FREE Just click here to get started. Key benefits include:

Convenient Access to Newton and All You Other Apps
Fast and convenient access to information is key to productivity. With single sign-on, users can access all their applications from one place.

Elimination of Password Security Risks
As you continue to use more SaaS applications to run your business, the challenge of user authentication becomes more important. Authentication via an SSO provider like Onelogin helps validate the true identity of your users.

Faster Onboarding and Offboarding
Provisioning your users to your applications should not be as time-consuming as it often is, and timely deprovisioning of your users should not have to be so nerve wracking. When a new employee joins your company you want provide access to all your apps as soon as possible. With OneLogin, that can be accomplished in just a few simple steps and revoking access once an employee leaves the company is just as easy.


Nathaniel-Circle“OneLogin has a great reputation with its customers, which is inline with Newton’s philosophy of putting our customers first. Partnering with OneLogin is another opportunity for us to easily create value for our clients because they’ll have the ability to use a single sign-in not just for our applicant tracking system, but for all of their business applications that they use every day as well.” – Nathaniel Hazelton, Director of Engineering


We’re never done.

Newton releases more upgrades than any other mid-market applicant tracking system. We’ll be announcing the next set of upgrades to the Newton applicant tracking systems in just a few weeks that will include the following and more.
-Powerful candidate merge record functionality
-Job search enhancements
-More recruiting analytics speed improvements
-Enhanced background check integration functionality
-More integrated partnership announcements



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