Newton’s background check partner, EmployeeScreenIQ, has compiled a valuable report spotlighting the 18 hottest background screening trends.




Learn how other employers are handling today’s tough background screening decisions? Read the summary report of EmployeeScreenIQ’s 6th annual survey, “Employment Screening in 2015: Background Screening Trends & Practices,”

Download the report here and Learn:

-What 51% of employers say is their top background screening challenge.

-How common it is for employers to ask candidates to self-disclose criminal histories on employment applications.

-The rates at which employers disqualify candidates for background checks that reveal criminal convictions.

See findings from a 500+ person survey that include people like you.
More than 500 HR professionals like you provided insights about how they handle critical screening issues, including compliance and criminal background checks.

-The experts at EmployeeScreenIQ analyzed the data. Interesting findings include:

-Protecting clients and customers is the leading reason employers conduct background checks. Other popular reasons include workplace safety and identifying the best candidates.

-More than half of participants said compliance is their most important screening-related challenge.

-Yet many respondents (53%) indicated that their companies continue to ask candidates to self-disclose criminal histories on employment applications despite the EEOC’s guidance against this practice—and a growing number of state and municipal “ban the box” laws.

See all the results. They may just cause you to rethink your screening strategies!


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