Users of Newton’s applicant tracking system can start using OneLogin’s SSO solutions today and start eliminating password security risks, have convenient access to Newton and all other apps and benefit from faster onboarding and off-boarding.


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Users of the Newton’s applicant tracking system can take advantage of SSO today.
Newton and OneLogin are integrated today. Users of Newton’s applicant tracking system can get started with Onelogin with a free account that includes SSO for their employees for up to 3 apps and 5 personal apps.

Elimination of password security risks
As you continue to use more SaaS applications to run your business, the challenge of user authentication becomes more important, especially when it comes to apps that house sensitive and business-critical information like personally identifiable information or customer information. Authentication is all about validating the true identity of your users. When your users go to access Newton, we want to be sure that they are who they’re claiming to be and that no one else is trying to get in and steal or tamper with your information.

Let’s face it, passwords are inherently risky. They can get shared, lost, guessed or phished and, sadly, it still happens to many thousands of people every day.

Enter SAML… SAML is a protocol that communicates your login credentials between an Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider like OneLogin and your apps like Newton Software, all “behind the scenes”. Once you log in to OneLogin, you are securely authenticated to all your apps.

Convenient access to Newton and all your apps
Another challenge you might be facing around your cloud apps is the inconvenience users face of having to organize their apps and log into each one individually. Fast and convenient access to information is key to productivity. With single sign-on, users can access all their applications from one place.

Fast on-boarding and faster off-boarding
Getting new employees up to speed is a challenge all companies face. Provisioning your users to your applications should not be as time-consuming as it often is, and timely deprovisioning of your users should not have to be so nerve wracking.

When a new employee joins your company you want provide access to all your apps as soon as possible. With OneLogin, that can be accomplished in just a few simple steps and revoking access once an employee leaves the company is just as easy.  Here is an overview of how it works.

About OneLogin
OneLogin, the innovator in enterprise identity management, provides the industry’s leading SaaS solution for managing internal and external users across all devices and applications. OneLogin is the only “Challenger” in Gartner’s IDaaS MQ, considered a “Major Player” in IAM by IDC, and ranked #1 in Network World Magazine’s review of SSO tools. OneLogin’s cloud identity management platform provides more than 1,000 customers with secure single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, integration with common directory infrastructures such as Active Directory and LDAP, user provisioning and more. OneLogin is SAML-enabled and pre-integrated with thousands of applications commonly used by today’s enterprises. Try OneLogin free at:

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