Skyhigh Fastest Growing Cloud 2015 Q1

In a quarterly report issued today, Skyhigh Networks, the Cloud Visibility and Enablement Company, has named Newton’s applicant tracking system as the third fastest growing cloud-based application of 2015.


About the top 10 list. 

Skyhigh’s report titled “The Fastest Growing Cloud Applications of 2015″ combines anonymized usage data from over 15 million users to calculate the growth rates of cloud services from Q4 2014 to Q1 of this year. What’s unique about the list is that it’s based on the number of active users across 10,000 cloud services encompassing over 15 million individual users, revealing what cloud applications are growing the fastest in the marketplace today.

Skyhigh’s team then calculated growth rates for each of these services and ranked them, excluding services that didn’t meet a minimum threshold of users (i.e.  they don’t include apps that grew 800% from 1 to 7 users). The fastest-growing cloud services on the list have doubled the number of active users in a single quarter, and as they continue their growth, they are poised to overtake more established players in their respective spaces in the near future if they have not done so already.

To read Skyhigh’s full report, click here.

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Newton is firmly established as the leading applicant tracking system for SMBs. 

“Skyhigh’s usage analysis across our 17 million enterprise users reveals that Newton Software is one of the fastest growing cloud companies today,” said Brandon Cook, Director of Product Marketing at Skyhigh Networks.

There are over 300 applicant tracking systems available to employers today, and in many cases these applicant tracking systems have overlapping functionality. With so many choices, it can be difficult to discover the right applicant tracking system, or to keep up with the latest trends in recruiting technology. That said, people tend to gravitate towards applicant tracking systems that offer the most value and best fit while moving away from hiring software that is cumbersome, out-of-date, incomplete and too expensive. Newton’s recognition as one of the fastest growing cloud companies provides additional evidence that Newton is the top choice for small and medium-size employers seeking a simple, smart, safe, fully-featured applicant tracking system.

“We’re honored to be recognized as one of the fastest growing cloud companies. We attribute our continued growth and success to our great team, valued partners and to all of our loyal customers,” said Joel Passen, Head of Sales and Marketing at Newton.

About Newton Software

Newton Software is a privately held technology company that develops an applicant tracking system designed to optimize and improve internal hiring programs for small and medium-sized employers (30-3000 employees). The company was started in 2009 by corporate recruiters with the goal of developing hiring software that improves recruiting processes by offering powerful products that are easy-to-use, easy-to-purchase and easy-to-activate. Newton has experienced remarkable growth over the past few years and has done so without taking a dime of outside investment from venture capitalists or the private equity community. Today, Newton is used by over 1000 employers that enjoy great customer service, free support, an intuitive product and constant innovation.



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