Last week I hosted a group of corporate recruiters from around the US at Newton’s San Francisco headquarters. The purpose of the meeting was to talk about ways that we can enhance our applicant tracking system to help make the recruiting process even more efficient. The feedback was great and we’ve already started working on some new features that will ship before the end of the summer.

While the product-focused discussions were productive, perhaps the most interesting dialog was that surrounding the common frustrations faced by internal recruiters – the rants about things that bug corporate recruiters. Having my own experiences from being a recruiter for more than a decade, I will be the first to admit that I fueled this part conversation. Now this wasn’t a complete complain-fest. In fact, the better part of this discourse was helpful. Folks shared how they’ve overcome key recruiting obstacles, etc. At times, the exchange seemed like more of something you’d hear at a support group. There’s an idea for you – a support group for corporate recruiters.

Seriously, It was interesting to hear what bugs corporate recruiters most. For internal recruiters reading this post, I am sure some of you will nod and sigh. If you want to get something that bugs you about corporate recruiting off your chest, make a comment on this post.


In the meantime, here are 5 things that annoy corporate recruiters.


5. Lame Employee Referrals
By now, most of us are aware that the social recruiting battle cry, “you get better candidates from people you know” is merely a cliche and many times couldn’t be further from the truth. Sure employee referrals are necessary. So are lawyers and taxes. Unfortunately, many recruiters spend too much time with applicants they’ll never hire because the person is an internal referral. Dealing with lame employee referrals is necessary but it’s a waste of time. Wasting time bugs corporate recruiters.


4. Resourceful Stalker Candidates
Newman! These are those candidates who first start by bugging you every day for status as if something has changed. You tell them it’s a pass for now. But that isn’t good enough. Your “no” is not no enough. So the candidate turns into Columbo and tracks down a half a dozen other people at the company including management. This bugs recruiters.


3. Analysis Paralysis
Just because someone is a hiring manager doesn’t mean that they know how to hire. Had to be said. Supporting managers that can’t make decisions and need to keep searches open for what seems like an eternity is frustrating. Managers who lack the confidence to make decisions bug corporate recruiters.


2. Being measured by arbitrary metrics

Corporate recruiters despise being measured against metrics (time-to-fill , cost-per-hire, etc) that are made up of variables that they can’t control. Recruiters don’t get to set their req loads. Even well-intentioned, assertive recruiters have a hard time setting SLAs for hiring managers. And, recruiters almost never control the purse. Having to answer to arbitrary recruiting metrics bugs corporate recruiters.

1.  Waiting
Nothing bugs corporate recruiters more than waiting. Recruiters wait for hiring managers to review candidates. They wait for interview feedback. They wait while offers are approved. For many recruiters, it’s not just the waiting that bugs, it’s the fact that they have candidates waiting on them. These candidate often perceive that the recruiter just isn’t doing their job when that’s not the case. Waiting bugs corporate recruiters.


What bugs you about corporate recruiting?

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