Newton’s Head of Marketing shares easy tips on how opportunistic job seekers can get discovered by corporate recruiters.




I overheard a conversation the other day on my way home. I was sitting next to a person who is clearly in a marketing role at a well-known children’s retailer (I saw her badge). She was explained to a fellow commuter how she constantly receives calls from recruiters. Her companion asked how the recruiters find her. The marketing professional said that she recently updated her LinkedIn profile and has been more active online. Under his breathe; the companion remarked that he wishes some recruiters would find him.

All this got me thinking. Sure there are new services out there that allow you to anonymously dabble in the job market but the model still needs to be flushed out. So, as a professional that may consider new opportunities, how do you get discovered?

Here are 3 easy tips for job seekers that want to get discovered.

#1 Network on Social Media – Professionally
By now you know that recruiters use Facebook and Twitter, in addition to LinkedIn, as recruitment tools. What do they find when the come across your profile? Do you have pictures of you and your friends doing keg stands on a wild night in Cabo (who’d do that?)? Remember that profile photos are public, among other things. Every recruiter (or hiring manager) that conducts a search can come across your photos. So if you’re looking to be approached by recruiters…know what they’ll find! Show off your fun-loving personality; just leave out the pictures from the club.

Social media has evolved into a great networking tool that can get you noticed. Join, like and follow groups, pages and profiles that fit the industry you want to continue working in. Sites like LinkedIn have lots of resources to get you noticed. Use their suggestions to optimize your professional profile and to uncover professional groups to join. You may even learn something in the process.

#2 Use Specific Keywords
Your profile is infinitely more likely to come up in recruiters’ searches when you use correct industry-specific keywords. For example, my profile includes my main focus (marketing), my industry (applicant tracking systems and HR Technology) and my location (San Francisco Bay Area). Put yourself in the shoes of a corporate recruiter. How would you find you? Better yet, think about what you want to be discovered to do? Keywords should include skills, expertise. industries, job titles and previous employers.  Be specific. The more specific you are, the more likely you’ll pop up as relevant in someone’s search.

#3 Curate Your Content Like a Marketer
Ok, you’re on social media. You’re following industry influencers. You’ve updated and optimized your profiles. You’ve ditched those pictures of you at the Maroon 5 concert. Essentially, you’ve built your personal professional marketing platform. You’re not finished. It’s not enough to just update your profile, follow people and join groups. You have to become a part of the conversation. It’s important to post on social media because this builds credibility and exposure. You’ve got to market yourself. This means you should carefully consider how often your are going to post and then you have to remain consistent. And, the key here is that you have to post relevant information especially in LinkedIn.

I’ve adopted the cocktail party etiquette shared by one of my high school teachers to posting on social media (especially LinkedIn); don’t discuss politics, religion or money. Keep your posts relevant to your profession and keep them “center of the road”. Avoid slipping in a cheeky meme or off-color picture. Keep it relevant and maintain a steady cadence. Curate your content like a marketer.

Now go out there and get discovered!

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