Simple, smart, safe job approval and offer approval processes help employers run recruiting like a business.


With hiring as hot as it is right now, small and medium-size employers are investing in recruiting at a feverish pace. For many, this means increasing recruiting staff, purchasing more job postings and generally providing more resources to recruiting departments. Additionally, many smart employers are adding critical exception management policies to their hiring processes to control spend, optimize resources and to provide executive-level oversight to hiring. These exception management tools, mainly job and offer approval processes, are the bookends of the recruiting process and ultimately provide employers with transparency and control.

If you’ve ever worked for a larger employer, you’re likely familiar with job approval process. Large organizations have had these policies and procedures in place for years to help manage open positions and the offers made to fill them. These approval processes — also often referred to as requisition management— are important to help avoid potentially expensive (and wasteful) scenarios that occur when positions are opened and recruited for without proper approval.

No longer the answer: Spreadsheets, emails or worse, ignoring approval processes
Until recently, many smaller employers have relied on email to track approvals. Unfortunately, as we all know, email threads lose their effectiveness when one person goes outside the original email request for approval. Plus, email creates silos of information that are nearly impossible to track and audit. Spreadsheets, the de facto requisition management tool for SMBs, require maintenance and suffer from the perils of version control. Plus having multiple people logging information on one spreadsheet introduces errors, confusion and inefficiency.

Fortunately, there is good news for small and medium-size employers. With help from fully-featured applicant tracking systems, smaller employers have also begun formalizing approval processes and are doing so even more dynamically than more established employers. New ATSs are making online requisition management easily accessible from any mobile device and browser and are helping employers create powerful audit trails of who approved what positions when.

Who touched the gun? Or needs to? 
It doesn’t matter if you’re a manufacturer, a healthcare provider or a high-flying tech company made of money, your executive team has a budget and it includes headcount (or will at some point). Job and / or offer approval processes are critical components of a well run recruiting process (and business for that matter). Having a single-source of truth for all of your approval processes should be one of the number one requirements when evaluating a new applicant tracking system. A system that offers simple, smart, safe approval processes will help you run recruiting like a business, promote collaboration with decisions makers and will always show you who touched the gun.

Looking an applicant tracking system with thoughtful, intuitive approval processes?
Having used complicated, rigid tools in the past ourselves, we felt it was time to revamp approval processes. Newton’s approval processes are easy and effective, providing the control and visibility that hiring managers and executives demand, and HR professionals require to manage the business end of recruiting. Contact a Newton applicant tracking system expert today to learn more about Newton’s automated, email driven job approval and offer approval tools.

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