Great Interview scheduling software allows employers to provide great customer service while reducing the amount of time and effort it takes to do so.

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When you think about scheduling interviews, there are 3 critical parts:

1.     The actual scheduling part that includes determining when managers and interview teams are free.
2.     Creating the invitations for both the interview teams and the candidate
3.     Confirming that everyone has accepted and the interview

Without modern interview scheduling software that’s completely integrated with your applicant tracking system’s workflow, you’re probably struggling with all 3 parts of the interview scheduling process. That said, we talk to many employers that have someone, often an office manager or assistant of some type, that helps with parts 1 and 3. But what about part 2? Are you able to create invitations with great content to keep interviewers on task and candidates in the know?  Many employers are missing a critical customer service opportunity here because they don’t have the resources and tools to make this a competitive advantage.

Avoiding Groundhog’s Day scenario.
Think about all the times you’ve had interviewers and candidates contact you for details about interviews. Please confirm the time. Please send me directions. Do you have a copy of the resume? Where can I park? Without interview scheduling software that automatically generates rich interview confirmation invitations, your team is left writing these emails by hand or ignoring this step all together. This not only perpetuates inefficiency it also opens employers up to inconsistency that can cause both internal and external customers to be confused and frustrated.

How does Newton help? 
So what’s Newton’s answer to improving this part of the online interview scheduling process? It’s easy. When you finish determining when interview teams are free using integrated email calendar functionality, you’ll be prompted to pick from auto-formatted, rich text email templates that will go out to interview teams and candidates in seconds to confirm the interviews. Not only will you save time and resources, you’ll also create a great customer service experience for everyone involved by providing useful, consistent communications.

Remember, recruiting is largely about customer service. It pays to keep your internal and external customers happy and informed with simple to use, interview scheduling software. Use these tools to create powerful, informative, automated interview confirmations. With recruiting as hard as it is these days, smart employers leverage smart interview scheduling software as a competitive advantage.

Learn more.
Learn more about Newton’s smart interview scheduling software that’s fully- integrated with Newton’s popular applicant tracking system for small and medium-size employers. Contact a Newton expert now.



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