Automate the collection and storage of new hire paperwork with onboarding software that promotes compliance, accuracy and efficiency.


According to a recent survey, less than half of employees surveyed reported that their new employer had an official onboarding program. The report also finds that the best onboarding programs start before the employee’s first day. This means that many times employees are spending their first hours on the job filling out reams of new hire paperwork. Smart employers are changing this paradigm by moving the initial phases of employee onboarding online with easy-to-use onboarding software.

Onboarding software will make your organization’s new hire onboarding process more efficient, accurate and compliant. Putting new hire paperwork in the cloud and utilizing electronic signatures guides new employees through the process of executing all the required documents prior to their first day on the job. New employees appreciate the efficiency and avoid the inconvenience of printing, faxing and filling out forms manually. Electronic onboarding makes a good first impression on new hires and allows them to focus on the most important aspects of their first day on the job – getting productive.

Human resource professionals also have much to gain from onboarding software.  Gone are the days of sitting with new hires for up to an hour while they review and sign their new hire packages. Simply put, the added efficiency gained from onboarding software significantly reduces the time spent on tactical processes freeing up HR to run programs that are more strategic. This benefits the business by helping employees get productive faster. Onboarding software creates a win for HR, new hires and the business units.

Onboarding software keeps employers compliant by automatically presenting new hires with the proper federal, state and local forms for completion digitally. Built-in exception management eliminates errors in data entry and calculations. The guided process provides instructions and flexibility for new hires. Plus, onboarding software promotes consistency across all geographically dispersed locations where there may not be an HR person onsite all the time.

Onboarding software pays for itself by reducing the time and cost of completing, collecting and storing new employee data. No more paper. No more postage. No more collecting sensitive documents in your email. Spend less time on processing new hires and more time focusing on getting new employees productive, faster.

Ready to leverage onboarding software to collect digital I-9s, W-4s, state forms, company policy forms, direct deposit enrollments, employment applications and more? Contact a recruiting software specialist at Newton today.

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