Trying to convince management to free up some budget to upgrade your applicant tracking system? Here are some tips to get you started.




With 2015 well underway and unemployment rates at the lowest they’ve been in years, many HR and recruiting professionals are in the midst of reexamining recruiting budgets. While increasing job advertising and sourcing spend are obvious areas to bump the budget, many employers are now seeking efficiency gains by upgrading their applicant tracking system. A modern applicant tracking system will boost productivity, provide valuable reporting metrics and allow employees to work on the latest mobile platforms.

Many recruiting leaders are concerned that a new applicant tracking system may break the budget and they won’t be able to convince management to ante up additional funds. The truth is, some newer applicant tracking systems are overpriced. These systems are often sold exclusively to technology companies who have seemingly limitless budgets.  But there is good news for most small and medium-size business. A handful of leading applicant tracking systems cost less than $5000 per year. That averages out to less than $425 per month which is less expensive than two job postings on a site like CareerBuilder.

If you need to convince management why upgrading your applicant tracking system is a “must” this year, start with these arguments.

A recent survey by The Brandon Hall Group found 61% of respondents have a 4-week or longer hiring cycle. Time is money. Think of recruiting like a supply chain. Just like in a manufacturing environment, a more efficient hiring process decreases costs. Administering a recruiting process with manual steps and antiquated recruiting software can really rack up the hours and burn resources. Just think of the time you could save if your applicant tracking system had great email features that wrote all of those iterative emails that you have to write manually everyday. Imagine if your new applicant tracking system came with interview scheduling software that actually integrates seamlessly with your employer’s email system and saves you countless hours by helping you schedule and confirm interviews. If your applicant tracking system can save you time, it’s saving you money and ultimately freeing up recruiting resources to…do some recruiting.

Metrics are front of mind for nearly every corporate recruiting leader. Your old or inadequate ATS doesn’t provide your executives any insight into the business side of recruiting. A modern applicant tracking system is going to help you gather, store and report critical metrics that will empower you to discover bottlenecks and areas for improvement. If your leadership team is uncertain about approving the monthly cost of a new applicant tracking system, explain the types of metrics that you’ll be able to share with them about the recruiting process. The best applicant tracking systems include the ability to generate analytics that calculate key metrics like stage-to-stage conversion rates, how long it takes managers to review resumes, offer to acceptance ratios and more. People that approve budgets love data to support decisions and recruiting dashboards that let’s them track progress. The right applicant tracking system with great recruiting analytics will sell itself to your decision makers.

The mobility of our workforces is creating major challenges for most developers of applicant tracking systems and their users. As remote workforces grow, users expect ATSs to perform on multiple devices, monitors and browsers. In most work environments, we don’t even realize how important this issue is because employees are forced to deal with whatever is provided to them. Don’t get stuck in the dark ages again. Position an applicant tracking system that is completely mobile. The technology is here today. Your hiring managers and executives expect to use technology on the go. By upgrading to a fully mobile applicant tracking system, you’ll be able to deliver the user experience that your management team expects. Remember, if it’s not fully mobile. Don’t buy it.

Looking to reevaluate your applicant tracking system this year? Want something simple, smart, safe, mobile and affordable to position to your leadership team? Contact an applicant tracking specialist at Newton today to learn more about gaining efficiency,  creating better reports and upgrading to an ATS that’s truly optimized for use on any mobile device or browser.

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