For small and medium-sized employers, the success of any applicant tracking system depends largely on three critical factors.




When selecting a new applicant tracking system, small and medium-sized employers must not forget the three key factors that make an applicant tracking system successful.

A Successful Activation
Modern Usability
Great Customer Support

Small and medium-sized employers should expect applicant tracking system activations to be measured in days and weeks, not months. With cloud-based products being the norm these days, applicant tracking system activations should not require much assistance from corporate IT teams. Most mainstream providers of ATS technology will typically assign project management resources to work with your functional team to configure the system with familiar workflows that promote efficiency and compliance.

Here are important questions to ask prospective service providers to help prepare for a successful ATS activation.

1.     Is there any pre-work we can do to get prepared?
2.     Do you have options for how we can connect our careers page? What are they?
3.     What, if any, content is included with the system? What about email templates?
4.     Will we have a dedicated US-based project manager to assist with the activation?
5.     How will training be provided to Administrative Users? To hiring managers and executives?
6.     How is on-going training provided?

Shop for usability above everything else. Don’t get distracted by features that only a few of your constituents will care about. Recruiting is the most collaborative business process in your organization. Don’t stifle it with an applicant tracking system that won’t improve user engagement and overall process improvement. Remember, you are selecting a system that will touch all of the actors in your hiring process. If it’s easy-to-use your team will use it and will be less likely to revert back to email and spreadsheets.

Here are important questions to ask potential vendors to ensure you are choosing a modern applicant tracking system that will promote user adoption.

1.     Can our employees use it on any device, tablet or computer without downloading any special apps?
2.     Do managers and executives have to login to approve jobs and offers or can they simply reply to emails?
3.     How many clicks does it take for a manager to reject or pursue an applicant?
4.     Does the interview scheduling software completely integrate with Outlook and Gmail?
5.     Does the applicant tracking system make it easy for applicants to apply to jobs?
6.     Does that applicant tracking system vendor have strong integrations with background check providers and HRIS systems?

Let’s face it; an applicant tracking system is a mission-critical platform these days. Your team will rely on it to work well all the time. You’re going to need support from time to time.  Customer support needs to be fast, helpful and must be able to resolve issues quickly. Most applicant tracking system providers provide free phone, email and web-based support.

Here are some questions to ask potential applicant tracking system companies to make sure you will receive the level of support required to be successful.

1.     How do you provide support? Email? Phone? Is there a web-based knowledge base?
2.     Where is you support team? Is it US-based or do you outsource support to a third party overseas?
3.     Will I have a dedicated support person? If not, whom will I work with?
4.     Do you charge for live support?
5.     How many tickets are completely resolved within 24 hours?
6.     What is the ratio of support to sales people in your company?

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