When you are interviewing for a corporate recruiter job, remember that you’re interviewing the employer as much as they are interviewing you.

Here are 4 essential questions to ask to ensure success.


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You’d expect that when corporate recruiters are looking for their next position, they’d be experts at determining the best fit for themselves. This isn’t always the case. Many recruiters focus so hard on selling themselves that they forget to ask the right questions about the job. Asking the right questions at an interview is always important for two reasons. First, when executed properly, the questions you ask reaffirm your qualifications and show the employer that you’ve done your homework. Second, you are there to interview the employer. This is your opportunity to really determine if you can be successful in this position.

Of course there are infinite questions you could ask during a job interview to determine if you’ll like the work, enjoy the people, etc. But as a corporate recruiter, your primary goal should be to determine if you will be successful in the new role. Let’s face it, all too often employers don’t have the right structure in place to set recruiters up for success. Many employers still think that they can hire a corporate recruiter and magically positions will be filled in no time.

Pro Tip: When you are interviewing for a job, remember that you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you.

Here are 4 questions every corporate recruiter should ask a future employer during the interview process.

“What is the history of this position?”
Is this is a new position? If so, make sure the employer has realistic expectations and has thought through the role and responsibilities. It’s not uncommon for employers to throw recruiters tasks that nobody else in the organization wants to do. Otherwise, be suspect of recruiting departments that have had lots of turnover. Remember, if there’s smoke, there’s almost always fire.

“What are some of the biggest challenges/successes facing the recruiting department currently?”
It’s best to know the state of the employer’s recruiting culture up front. Are the hiring managers apathetic? Overly picky? Are there opportunities to refine the recruiting processes and design strategies? Ask this question to better assess the risks and the potential rewards of the position.

“What are this company’s top three priorities related to talent acquisition over the next year?”
Listen, some recruiting jobs are purely tactical. Others tend to offer more strategic components. It’s important to understand where the position fits on the spectrum. If you are looking for a recruiting job where you are only responsible for filling open positions, it’s good to know that you won’t spend your days in planning meetings and on committees. If you’re interested in being more involved in process design and planning, you need to ask if there are opportunities to do so.

“What tools and resources are in place today that have proven successful?”
Even the most competent corporate recruiters won’t be successful without the right tools and technology. Find out what applicant tracking system, job posting resources and other systems are in place. If the employer hasn’t invested in anything to optimize hiring, make sure there is a commitment to providing a budget to do so.

What questions do you ask future employers when you’re interviewing for corporate recruiting positions? 

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