Recruiting dashboards are the scorecards of corporate recruiting.

Newton's Job and Offer Approval Dashboard

Newton’s Job and Offer Approval Dashboard


Recruiting at small and medium-sized employers is undergoing a dramatic shift that is impacting nearly every aspect of operations. Employers must hire the necessary talent to grow and succeed in the years ahead. To do so, they need to thoroughly understand the new data-intensive business model of recruiting, how and why it is different from yesterday’s processes, and where the new best practices and benchmarks are. As employers set goals for achieving greater recruiting effectiveness, efficiency and compliance, recruiting dashboards have become the scorecards that measure success, highlight bottlenecks and provide the context to drive better hiring decisions.

First, recruiting dashboards must be easy to comprehend even for users that have never been trained. Intuitive interfaces must provide information to busy recruiters that calls out what needs attention and the status of various critical aspects of the recruiting process. From initial contact with a candidate to the details obtained through the interview process, employers need tools to visualize process milestones and all the information needed to evaluate candidates and to make data-driven decisions.

Recruiting dashboards aren’t just pretty graphs and charts. Recruiting dashboards are the scorecards of corporate recruiting. They must tell a story. When considering what recruiting dashboards are essential for your organization, we recommend focusing in on visualizing the insights that will help you pinpoint bottlenecks, allocate resources and drive the decisions that drive hiring. Consider the following.

-Efficiency: Stage-to-stage conversion rates including time-to-fill metrics. How long does it take candidates to move through each stage of the hiring process?
-Effectiveness: Recruiter requisition load management and collaboration / user engagement metrics. How busy are your recruiters? How responsive are they? Are hiring managers engaged?
-Recruitment source: Full recruitment funnel analysis by recruitment sources. What source yields the most candidates? The best candidates?
-Missed opportunities: Where did bottlenecks become prohibitive? Why weren’t certain candidates phone interviewed / interviewed?

Newton's Real-Time Analytics Dashboard

Newton’s Real-Time Analytics Dashboard


Why these in particular? Because they are the most important and are often the only ones needed to launch business conversations with hiring managers and executive management. A report by Clara Moon and Lingmin Li, researchers at Cornell University, remind us to choose the right metrics to visualize by determining key recruitment goals. The researchers go on to note that recruiting dashboards should include such important metrics as time to fill, source of hire and other stage-to-stage metrics that determine the effectiveness of your recruiting process.

Choosing the right applicant tracking system is the first step to attaining meaningful recruiting dashboards. Today’s modern applicant tracking systems (ATS) can contain more than 25,000 data points about your recruiting process. Well-designed recruiting dashboards in your ATS will first and foremost help ensure that recruiters won’t let important details slip through the cracks as they process applicants. Otherwise, recruiting dashboards need to easily address key areas of interest for HR professionals and executives such as:
– HR might want to see a snapshot of all the jobs in the job and offer approval processes
– Recruiting coordinators need to see if hiring managers have accepted or denied interview scheduling requests
– Directors of recruiting need to see process data points like time-to-fill by recruiters and hiring managers, candidate funnels, and percentage of offers accepted by recruiter.
– Executives need to see candidate pipelines for their departments, locations and jobs.

Are you a small or medium-sized employer looking for an applicant tracking system with best-in-class recruiting dashboards? Newton is designed to give you and your team unparalleled visibility into your recruiting program from day one. From candidate pipelines to job and offer approvals to key recruiting analytics, Newton’s dashboards provide mission-critical information to answer the most frequently asked questions about your recruiting program while promoting accountability. Learn more about Newton’s recruiting dashboards today.

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