Not a month went by in 2014 without a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed against an employer for their background screening practices.

Company hiring practices have fallen under increased government scrutiny and it’s critical that you understand the implications of your actions – and have a proactive process in place to address these unique hiring situations. So what are best practices for protecting your company?

While a criminal record should not automatically disqualify a candidate, employers also want to protect their company by properly screening candidates. However, many companies may be at risk if they are not following appropriate state and federal screening laws and should take steps to ensure they are not the next company to make headline news.

With nearly 18 years in background screening, Nick Fishman, EmployeeScreenIQ’s Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, presented valuable information regarding the proper use of a hiring matrix, individualized assessments, the execution of a two-step adverse action process, and proper management of candidate disputes.

If you missed the Newton Bootcamp: My Candidate has a Criminal Record. Now What? or if you want to share this session with a colleague or associate, the recording of the session is below.

Newton Bootcamp: My Candidate has a Criminal Record. Now What? from Newton Software on Vimeo.

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