Just in time for the new year, Newton releases integrated interview scheduling functionality.

Interview Scheduling

Packed with innovative new functionality, Newton’s Interviewing Scheduling features provide the next level of efficiency for all users that want to seamlessly schedule interviews from within Newton. The new integrated calendar functionality also serves as a springboard and platform for more powerful interview management features to follow soon!

Featuring tight integrations with MS Outlook and Gmail, Newton Interview scheduling provides next-level integration for employers that want to seamlessly schedule interviews from within Newton. All of the functionality has been designed, developed and tested by Newton’s product team and doesn’t rely on third-party tools.

How it works

With Newton Interview Scheduling, employers will easily schedule interviews without leaving Newton. Users will select interview teams and confirm when people are free without ever leaving an applicant’s profile.

Once the interview team is assembled and the schedule is confirmed, users will send interview invitations from Newton to interviewers and job applicants with help from customizable email templates created with a simple rich text editor.

With Newton’s interview scheduling features, employers keep recruiting communications tight and consistent while saving time. That’s powerful. That’s Newton.

Advanced access for beta users

Today, Newton’s product team invited 150 employers to join the Newton Interview Scheduling Beta Program. Participants will receive advanced access to Newton’s newest functionality and will have opportunities to provide feedback and product advice ahead of a general availability release scheduled for late January.



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