Newton announces new advanced interview scheduling tools for leading mid-market, corporate applicant tracking system

Newton Interview Scheduling

Newton Interview Scheduling

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Packed with innovative new functionality, Newton’s Interviewing Scheduling tools are the most modern and deeply integrated in the applicant tracking industry. Customers won’t be forced to use a third party tool or integrated partner.

Featuring tight integrations with MS Outlook and Gmail, Newton Interview scheduling provides next-level integration for employers that want to seamlessly schedule interviews from within Newton. The new integrated calendar functionality will also serve as a springboard and platform for more powerful interview management features to follow soon!

As with all major upgrades, Newton’s Interview Scheduling tools will be available to customers at no additional cost by the end of the year. Beta users will begin using the tools before the holidays.

Here’s how Newton’s Interview Scheduling Tools work.

Assemble your team and check “free / busy” without leaving Newton.
With Newton Interview Scheduling, employers will easily schedule interviews without leaving Newton. Users will select interview teams and see when they are free and busy without ever leaving Newton. Scheduling an interview is made easy with a drag and drop interface.

Keep recruiting communications consistent by sending interview packets to interviewers
Once the interview team is assembled and the schedule is confirmed, users will send the invites right from Newton. We’ve added the ability to create email templates so interviewers will have the appropriate resume, documents and any special instructions for the interview in the invitation.

Send candidates on-brand messaging to confirm and help them prepare for the interviews
Next, it’s time to invite the candidate. Employers keep recruiting communications tight and consistent with Newton! Users choose a template that will auto-fill the name of the interviewers, their titles and any special instructions or directions that will prepare and confirm the candidate for the interview.

Know who has confirmed interview and never start from scratch again of you need to reschedule
When employers are finished scheduling and sending the invites, Newton will inform them who has confirmed the interview. And, if someone needs to reschedule, no problem. Newton will assist the user with re-scheduling the interview with a simple drag and drop editor.


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