Improving the applicant experience is now a front-of-mind topic for nearly every employer that is advertising job openings on the internet.

Get the latest HR Trend Report: Smart Tools Improve the Applicant Experience.

It’s time to meet applicants in the Cloud.
It’s undeniable; today’s workers are mobile. Whether you are a large multinational or a small business, it’s inevitable that job seekers want to access your careers website and apply to job openings from smartphones and tablets.
Learn how to enable your job applicants to apply from the cloud.

Creating the “Zen” of online employment applications.
Applicants often complain that they invest an enormous amount of time on something that won’t even lead to a phone conversation. Fortunately, there are new tools that create a win-win situation for applicants and employers alike.
Trends that create a win-win for employers and job applicants alike

It’s time to improve the applicant experience.
38% of surveyed job applicants stated they were less likely to buy from of use an employer’s products or services after their job seeking experience.

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Newton is an applicant tracking system designed to organize and improve internal hiring programs for small and medium-sized employers (30-3000 employees). The company was started in 2009 by corporate recruiters with the goal of developing hiring software that improves recruiting processes by offering powerful products that are easy-to-use, easy-to-purchase and easy-to-activate. Today, Newton is used by nearly 1000 employers that enjoy great customer service, free support, an intuitive product and constant innovation.


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