Are You Scaring Away Your Best Candidates? Get It Right Before, During and After a Background Check.

Image courtesy of EmployeeScreenIQ

Image courtesy of EmployeeScreenIQ

Word travels fast– especially when it comes to the candidate experience. Some 82 percent of job applicants who have a positive candidate experience spread the good news! But did you know that the way you handle your background screening process can also have the opposite effect? Roughly, 65 percent of candidates who have a negative experience will make sure others know. So what can you do?

Tune into,“Are You Scaring Away Your Best Candidates? Get It Right Before, During and After a Background Check,” a complimentary webinar from EmployeeScreenIQ, to discover how candidate experience and your background screening process intersect – and how to avoid a negative experience. Hear from guest panelists, Jordan Evans, Sr. Talent Acquisition & Management Specialist at Krispy Kreme and Gerry Crispin, Founder of as well as Angela Preston and Kevin Bachman, of EmployeeScreenIQ.

Join the experts on Wednesday, October 29th at 2:00pm ET to learn:

• How to make the ripple effect of candidate experience work in your favor
• The real cost in dollars and cents of background screening gone wrong
• The keys to a positive background screening experience for your company
• Dos and don’ts of compliance before, during and after a background check



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