Smart Tags and More Coming to the Newton Applicant Tracking Software on 9/9

Smart Tags - another great feature added to the Newton applicant tracking software

Smart Tags – another great feature added to the Newton applicant tracking software


Smart tags and more upgrades are coming to leading applicant tracking software on Sept. 9th.

We’re ahead of schedule! Our products team is fired up to announce that the new Smart Tags functionality and several other feature enhancements are going to be ready for you to start using on Tuesday, September 9th. As always, all enhancements are free upgrades to our applicant tracking software.

We’ve designed a new “tagging” system to help you easily manage and organize important information about candidates. Tags are fully integrated with Newton’s search engine. Adding the right keywords to your applicants will save you time and make rediscovering applicants a breeze.

Try the following keyword category options:
Skills: “C++”, “HTML5”
Location: “Boise” or “Cleveland”
Certificates: “CISSP”, “PMP”
Clearance Levels: “SCI”, “SSBI”

Build your knowledge base for the future. Once you start adding tags, Newton will recommend similar tags too.  As you add tags for each candidate and develop a tagging system that best works for your team, you automatically create a repository of valuable information you can tap into when new roles open up in your company.

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