Smart Tags make you and your applicant tracking system…smarter

Woo-hoo! 40,000+ users have been successfully transitioned to the newest version of Newton, the first fully-responsive mid-market applicant tracking system. Also, over the summer, we’ve completed a series of performance releases. These behind the scenes enhancements made Newton much faster. Now our development resources are focused on shipping new features. Here’s a glimpse of what’s coming in September.

Announcing Newton Smart Tags

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We’ve designed a new “tagging” system to help you easily manage and organize important information about candidates. Tags are fully integrated with Newton’s search engine. Adding the right keywords to your applicants will save you time and make rediscovering applicants a breeze.


Try the following keyword category options:
Skills: “C++”, “HTML5”
Location: “Tokyo” or “Cleveland”
Certificates: “CISSP”, “PMP”
Clearance Levels: “SCI”, “SSBI”

Once you start adding tags, Newton will recommend similar tags too.

Build your knowledge base for the future. As you add tags for each candidate and develop a tagging system that best works for your team, you create a repository of valuable information you can tap into when new roles open up in your company.

User Generated Enhancements

We don’t design our applicant tracking system in a vacuum. Sure, our products team is one of the few (if not the only) group of product designers who were actually former professional recruiters.  That said, nearly 70% of the feature enhancements that we add to Newton are initiated from feedback generated by Newton’s community of users, a diverse set of people from a wide variety of industries. In our September release, we are making over a dozen improvements to Newton that started as suggestions from our customer base.

No Charge for New Features

When we add new features to Newton, our customers choose what they want to use but never have to pay for the new functionality. Use the features you want. Hide others that you aren’t using. Newton is flexible and a great value for employers that are growing. Plus, it’s just nice to know that your applicant tracking system provider is constantly updating your system to be more powerful.

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