We’re proud to work hand-in-hand with the recruiting industry’s most well-known luminaries and thought leaders at Fistful of Talent to bring readers the RECRUITER RECHARGE series.  Collectively, we’ve designed this series to RECHARGE recruiters and provide relevant topics and tips to evoke thought and reflection on one of the toughest (and most important) professions in any industry – recruiting.

Each month, we’ll do a featured post, a podcast and a short video around a topic that matters to the recruiting community. Up first this month, we break down the best way to hire recruiters – look for Macgyverisms. Podcast to follow next week!

Go to Fistful of Talent to read the full post. The post is annotated via Rap Genius.  Click on the gold highlights to see comments and video/slide shares from FOT founder Kris Dunn on the topic (email subscribers click through to see the annotations on FOT).

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